2017-2018 Lidar Acquisition Project

In an effort to maximize funding, coordination, and visibility, TNRIS is pleased to announce the 2017-2018 Lidar acquisition project.

TNRIS is now coordinating the acquisition of new, high quality elevation data for the 2017-2018 winter season. TNRIS has a long history of successfully managing lidar data acquisition projects. We have also helped guide data specifications for many other regional and local lidar projects.

This project will fall under the umbrella of the Texas Strategic Mapping (StratMap) Contract, a GIS data and services contract held at the Department of Information Resources (DIR) and administered by TNRIS. The StratMap Contract is the second generation of geographic data contracts administered by TNRIS. It replaces the previous High Priority Imagery and Data Sets (HPIDS) Contract.

Under the HPIDS Contract, TNRIS managed 19 lidar acquisitions from 2009 to 2015 covering over 50,000 square miles in Texas. In 2016 the StratMap program contracted over 11,000 square miles of new lidar for Texas.

Statewide Overview

The map below represents the three ongoing projects for the 2016-2017 stratmap lidar acquisitions. The contract vehicle for these acquisitions is the Texas StratMap Contract. In addition, TNRIS/TWDB was awarded two USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) grants for the East and Central Texas lidar projects.

Projects Developing Around the State

Area of Interest - AOI
Texas Coast

  • Funding Status: Pending
  • Area of Interest Status: Pending

This project represents TWDB and the Houston Galveston Area Council's(H-GAC) interest in a coastal acquisition. Approximately 10,000 square miles of the Texas coastal region are proposed to be captured where existing lidar dates back to 2006-2008 and does not meet QL2 specifications.

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The data will support floodplain management and planning, feature extraction, water quality modeling, stream restoration potential analysis, change detection, wildfire mitigation, habitat identification/modeling for endangered species and emergency management operations .

Want to Know More?

For further information or questions regarding this important initiative, contact the project manager using the form below.

NOTICE: Do not use this form if you are a vendor seeking to bid on a project. These projects will be released to qualified vendors under the StratMap contract.
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