CAPCOG 2007 140cm

Date(s): Coverage Availability/Geographic Extent: Footprint: Source(s):
2007 Caldwell, Guadalupe, Travis, Williamson 1/16 USGS Quadrangle CAPCOG

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CAPCOG 2007 140cm is in the public domain and available from the Research and Distribution Center for the cost of reproduction.

Data Details

Available Formats: LAS
Alternative Data: 3M Non Hydro-Enforced DEM
Derivative Data: 5ft Contours
Known Issues: Lack of breaklines prevents creation of hydro-enforced DEMs
Recommended Uses: Basemap, Research, Analysis
Spatial Reference:

EPSG 2277


FEMA compliant Lidar elevation covering Caldwell, Guadalupe, Travis, Williamson counties. Products include Point Cloud, Bare Earth, Intensity imagery, 3D breaklines, and Contour data for the entire area. This Lidar operation was designed to provide a high density set of mass points which are suitable for the development of contours for use in hydraulic/hydrologic model development, and for assessing environmental impacts.

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