Digital Raster Graphics 250K

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Creation date varies; Publication year 1996 Texas USGS 250k Grid USGS

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Topographic Map
Available Formats: TIFF
Derivative Data: None
Known Issues: Age, Most not updated since 1980s
Recommended Uses: Basemap
Spatial Reference:

EPSG 26913, EPSG 26914, EPSG 26915


A scanned and rectified image of the USGS 1:250k topographic map series to be used in a geographic information system (GIS). A TIFF, TFW, and metadata file covering the state of Texas. The original intent of the dataset was to perform quality assurance on other digital products and as a source for the collection of features, such as hydrographic or building features, that can be used in a GIS.

The Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) is a scanned image of a US Geological Survey (USGS) standard series topographic map that includes all collar information (e.g., legend, scale bar, index map, etc.) The DRG is a non-proprietary product of a USGS DRG in which the map collar information has been removed. The DRG is useful as a source or background layer in a GIS or as a means to perform quality assurance on other digital products. The DRG can also be merged with other digital data, e.g. DEM's or DOQ's, to produce a hybrid digital file. The removal of the collar information allows the DRG to be edge-matched and displayed simultaneously in a Geographic Information System.