FEMA 2006 140cm

Date(s): Coverage Availability/Geographic Extent: Footprint: Source(s):
2006 Orange, Jefferson, Galveston, Brazoria, Matagorda, Jackson, Victoria, Calhoun, Refugio, Aransas, San Patricio, Nueces 1/16 USGS Quadrangle FEMA

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FEMA 2006 140cm is in the public domain and available from the Research and Distribution Center for the cost of reproduction.

Data Details

Available Formats: LAS
Alternative Data: 1.4M Hydro-Enforced DEM, 3D Breaklines
Known Issues: Some DEMs require DEM to Raster conversion to import into ArcMap software
Recommended Uses: Basemap, Research, Analysis
Spatial Reference:

EPSG 26914, EPSG 26915


This Lidar project is intended to provide high density elevation information of 13 coastal counties of Texas. It includes Bare Earth DEM (vegetation removal) and a high density set of mass points within the defined areas. The data sets are suitable for the development of contours for use in hydraulic/hydrologic model development and for assessing environmental impacts.

Typical uses include FEMA Digital Flood Rate Insurance Map (DFIRM) updates, watershed boundary delineations and other hydro studies per FEMA specifications. County Mapping projects which include several uses such as flood mitigation assessment and mapping projects that include accuracy verification, reporting, and metadata.

Supplemental Information

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