FEMA 2013 60cm Middle Brazos-Palo Pinto

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2013 Palo Pinto US National Grid FEMA

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FEMA 2013 60cm Middle Brazos-Palo Pinto is in the public domain and available from the Research and Distribution Center for the cost of reproduction.

Data Details

Available Formats: LAS
Alternative Data: 2M Hydro-Enforced DEM, 3D Breaklines
Derivative Data: 5ft Contours
Known Issues: None
Recommended Uses: Basemap, Research, Analysis
Spatial Reference:

EPSG 26914


The primary purpose of this project was to develop a consistent and accurate surface elevation dataset derived from high-accuracy Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) technology for the Middle Brazos-Palo Pinto, TX Lidar Project Area. The Lidar data were processed to a bare-earth digital terrain model (DTM).

Detailed breaklines and bare-earth Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) were produced for the project area. Data were formatted according to tiles with each tile covering an area of 1500m by 1500m. A total of 763 tiles were produced for the project encompassing an area of approximately 638 sq. miles.

Supplemental Information

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