Highwater Marks Inventory

Date(s): Coverage Availability/Geographic Extent: Footprint: Source(s):
2011 Texas State TNRIS

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Available Formats: Shapefile
Alternative Data: None
Derivative Data: None
Known Issues: Age, Dataset has not been maintained or updated since 2010
Recommended Uses: Basemap
Spatial Reference:

EPSG 4269


After storms, users document high water marks in and near bayous and tributaries, storm surge high water marks along the coast and the approximate number of structures that were flooded. Most of the information in this dataset comes from the Harris Flood Control District, some other ones from TNRIS research. The information is compiled in shapefile form and relayed to the state of Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) and local jurisdictions to aid in the disaster recovery process. This information is useful to check computational models with reality, one example of such benchmarking use is with FEMA’s Hazus-MH runs.