National Elevation Dataset (NED) 2004

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2004 Texas USGS 1 Degree Block USGS

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Available Formats: ESRI GRID
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EPSG 4326


The National Elevation Dataset (NED) is a seamless raster product primarily derived from USGS 30-meter Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). NED data are available from The National Map Viewer as 1 arc-second (approximately 30 meters) for the CONUS, and at 1/3 and 1/9 arc-seconds (approximately 10 and 3 meters, respectively) for parts of the United States.

The National Elevation Dataset (NED) is the primary elevation data product of the USGS and serves as the elevation layer of The National Map. The June 2004 release of the National Elevation Dataset (NED) represents the 25th update of the 1-arc-second NED layer since the bi-monthly maintenance schedule began in June 2000.

This release includes existing source data and all new 7.5-minute digital elevation models (DEMs) available in the USGS Sales Database (SDB) as of May 1, 2004.

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