StratMap Transportation

Date(s): Coverage Availability/Geographic Extent: Footprint: Source(s):
2006 Statewide coverage, County State, County TNRIS-StratMap (TeleAtlas)

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StratMap Transportation is in the public domain and available from the Research and Distribution Center for the cost of reproduction.

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Available Formats: Shapefile, FGDB
Alternative Data: TxDOT Roadways, Census TIGER, Open Source
Derivative Data: Road categories (Major roads, county roads, local, etc.)
Known Issues: Old data/Vintage/Out of date, No address ranges
Recommended Uses: Basemap, cartographic representation, planning, etc.
Spatial Reference:

EPSG 4269


This data has been retired and is no longer available for download. It can still be ordered, but only for historic purposes.

The StratMap transportation layer was an updated, digital version of the transportation features found on the 7.5 minute, 1:24,000 scale USGS quadrangle maps. Where available, digital ortho-photography and GPS data are used to improve positional accuracy.

Transportation features encompass all public roads in Texas, including city streets, state and federal highways, interstates, and selected private roads. The transportation layer is designed to be a universal transportation layer that can be integrated into a GIS application or project. The StratMap statewide transportation dataset is a publicly available digital data layer which serves as a cartographic product for seamless Basemap production.