TCEQ Permitted Wastewater Outfalls

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Recommended Uses: Basemap, Research, Analysis
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EPSG 4269


This layer contains locations and associated database information for permitted municipal & industrial wastewater quality outfalls. An outfall is defined as any point source discharge from a domestic or industrial facility. Some of the outfalls in this layer also represent stormwater discharge points.

Primarily the TCEQ Wastewater layer is used to identify the geographic location of wastewaster outfalls within the state of Texas. This data layer can be used for a variety of purposes, including: the plotting of wastewater outfall sites on maps; determining the permitted discharge facilities within a 3 mile radius; determining upstream dischargers; utilization by field personnel; and performing spatial analysis on how the sites affect their surroundings.

Information on a given water quality permit is only as current as the most recent application. Water quality permits are renewed approximately every five years. In order to maintain the most accurate set of locational data for water quality permits, the locational database is updated as wastewater permits are newly issued, outfalls change locations, and/or improved locational information becomes available. For more information about water quality permits, please visit TCEQ's Water Quality Permits and Registrations page.