TPWD Bailey's Ecoregions

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Creation date varies Texas State TPWD

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The full TPWD Bailey's Ecoregions data set can be downloaded directly.

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Natural Regions
Available Formats: Shapefile
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Recommended Uses: Basemap, Research, Analysis


The original file was clipped to the state of Texas. This map layer is commonly called Bailey's ecoregions and shows ecosystems of regional extent in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Four levels of detail are included to show a hierarchy of ecosystems.

The largest ecosystems are domains, which are groups of related climates and which are differentiated based on precipitation and temperature.

Divisions represent the climates within domains and are differentiated based on precipitation levels and patterns as well as temperature.

Divisions are subdivided into provinces, which are differentiated based on vegetation or other natural land covers.

The finest level of detail is described by subregions, called sections, which are subdivisions of provinces based on terrain features. Also identified are mountainous areas that exhibit different ecological zones based on elevation.