TWDB Major River Basins

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2014 Statewide State USGS

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Known Issues: Not official TWDB major river basins that exist on paper.
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EPSG 4269


There are eight designated coastal basins in Texas: the Neches-Trinity, Trinity-San Jacinto, San Jacinto-Brazos, Brazos-Colorado, Colorado-Lavaca, Lavaca-Guadalupe, San Antonio-Nueces, and Nueces-Rio Grande. Each coastal basin is named according to the major river basins that bound them. For example, the Nueces-Rio Grande Coastal Basin is bounded on the north by the Nueces River Basin and on the south by the Rio Grande Basin. Each coastal basin is also bounded by a bay or other outlet to the Gulf of Mexico. The unique features of each of these basins are a function of many factors, but one of the most critical is precipitation, which varies from less than 10 inches per year in the western part of the state to more than 55 inches per year in the east. Other factors include evaporation, vegetation, soil type, surface slope, geology, land use practices, and runoff.