USGS 2009 McAllen 30cm NC Orthoimagery

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2009 City of McAllen US National Grid USGS

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Orthoimagery - Regional
Available Formats: GeoTiff, JPEG 2000
Alternative Data: None
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Known Issues: None
Recommended Uses: Basemap
Spatial Reference:

EPSG 26914


This data set consists of 0.3-meter pixel resolution (approximately 1-foot), natural color orthoimages covering the urban area footprint of Amarillo, Lubbock and McAllen, Texas (approximately 1431 square miles).

An orthoimage is remotely sensed image data in which displacement of features in the image caused by terrain relief and sensor orientation have been mathematically removed. Orthoimagery combines the image characteristics of a photograph with the geometric qualities of a map. The design accuracy is estimated not to exceed 3-meter diagonal RMSE (2.12m RMSE in X or Y).

Each orthoimage provides imagery over a 1500-meter by 1500-meter block on the ground. There is no image overlap between adjacent files. The projected coordinate system is UTM with a NAD83 datum. The naming convention is based on the U. S. National Grid (USNG), taking the coordinates of the SW corner of the orthoimage. Nominal Acquisition Altitude (AGL) was 9600'. The geoid used to reduce satellite derived elevations to orthometric heights was Geoid 03. GPS coordinates are referenced to NAD83 Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 14. The maximum differential baseline length is 20.54 miles. The mean baseline length is 15.84 miles. Camera sensors calibration reports are included in the project report. Calibration flights are flown regularly.

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