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Teacher Resources (K-12, College)

TNRIS has many maps and data resources available to the public at no charge from our website that can be incorporated into teacher's lesson plans for all levels. In addition to these resources, we are able to give tours on a limited basis to students and their educators.

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Other Agency Resources

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The TWDB Kids Web site serves as the gateway to the agency's K-12 conservation education resources.

A USGS staff member shows kids a map

USGS Teacher Resources

Tap into USGS lesson plans and activities, maps, podcasts, online lectures, videos and animations, and much more.

Geographic Data


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The DataHub allows users to browse, download, order and inquire about digital geographic data used for analysis or to make maps.

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Photo Archive Collection

Historical Imagery Archive

Historic Imagery in filing cabinet

TNRIS maintains over 1 million frames of photos covering all parts of Texas from dates as far back as the 1920’s.

Learn more on our Historical Imagery Archive page.

Outside GIS resources

Esri Training Catalog

Learn more Esri offers online, free courses to help you get started with their software.

ArcGIS Student License

Learn more Esri offers ArcGIS for Student use to learn GIS technical skills.

Austin Community College

Learn more ACC's Geographic Information Systems Program starts with basic GIS principles and techniques then progresses through GIS projects and performing sophisticated analysis.