GeoDev Hackerlab

Tuesday, October 25th , 8:00 A.M. - Noon
Location: J.J. Pickle Research Center Balcones Rooom
Taught by:
David Martinez, Esri
Esri is hosting the first HackerLab event in Austin, Texas at the Texas GIS Forum!! This four-hour hands-on session is a strategically guided lab on how to build mapping apps with ArcGIS Online, APIs and Services, Open Source, and also with AppStudio for ArcGIS ( for natie apps). The tutorials are led by David Martinez, a really smart dude, and you will be given time to play in between the tutorials.

**This is a BYOM, BYOI, BYOA, and BYOD event: bring your own machine (seriously, we don't have any extras), ideas, apps and data.
Oh, and here is a list of the required materials:

  1. Computer
  2. GitHub account
  3. Git installed and configured
  4. Text editor
  5. ArcGIS for Developers or ArcGIS Organization account

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