(Almost) Everything About Census Data and Geography

Monday, October 21 , 8:00 AM - Noon
Location: J.J. Pickle Research Center
Taught by:
James Castagneri & Lacey Loftin
This workshop will cover everything you need to know to about Census data and geography. The U.S. Census Bureau is the official steward of political and statistical geographies for the U.S. Government and we will cover in detail the ways we update, maintain and use these geographies for data collection and publication. We will also cover the data that is available from the surveys and census we conduct, how to access and use that data, and interesting applications for spatial analysis.

Instructor Bio(s)

Jim Castagneri

headshot of instructor James CastagneriJim Castagneri is a Geographer with the U.S. Census Bureau who manages geographic programs for Texas and the Rocky Mountain west. Early in his career, Jim was involved in the creation of the TIGER system. More recently, Jim has played a pivotal role in bringing GIS analysis to survey management and Census field operations. He specializes in Census statistical geography and the spatial analysis of demographic data.

Lacey Loftin

headshot of instructor Lacey Loftin Lacey Loftin is a statistician with the United States Census Bureau. In the 14 years that she has been with the agency, she has served as an Analyst for the Economic Census, supervised data collection operations, acted as a congressional liaison during the 2010 Census, and worked to create the Statistics in Schools program. Lacey's time is now focused on outreach to organizations and governments in Texas, sharing data, tools and useful applications.