Earth Observation with Satellite Remote Sensing and QGIS

Tuesday, October 22 , 8:00 AM - Noon
Location: TCEQ
Taught by:
Teresa Howard
Are you curious about the open source geospatial world? Do you want to watch how the Earth’s surfaces changes over time and space? Come test drive QGIS and learn how to put freely available satellite images to work for you. Students will learn about satellite image resources at USGS, NASA and the European Space Agency. Students will learn about freely available satellite image resources at USGS, NASA and the European Space Agency. Through hands on exercises, they will learn how to import, manipulate and analyze multispectral optical satellite data such as Landsat, Sentinel 2, MODIS, AWiFS, and other related data. Among the techniques covered are color balancing, vegetation, water and burn indices, and basic image classification. Students will take away sample datasets, step-by-step exercises and ready-to-use Python script tools.

This class includes an introduction to and hands-on practice in the open source QGIS software.

Prerequisites: basic experience in GIS software. Previous experience in QGIS is not required. The Windows installation will be covered.

Instructor Bio(s)

Teresa Howard

headshot of instructor Teresa Howard Teresa Howard is a Research Associate at the University of Texas at Austin Center for Space Research. For nearly two decades, she conducted applied research that incorporates geospatial techniques (GIS, satellite and airborne remote sensing, GPS, and digital cartography) for emergency response, land and water resources monitoring, and land cover change detection. Currently, her focus is the introduction of remote sensing technologies to high school and university students through internships and guided research. Ms. Howard formerly served as adjunct professor in the department of Geographic Information Systems at Austin Community College, where she taught classes on Esri's ModelBuilder and Python scripting for GIS. Ms. Howard holds a Master of Applied Geography degree from Texas State University-San Marcos.