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July 23, 2019
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East Texas GIS Community and TNRIS Featured in Nacogdoches Local News

The East Texas GIS/GPS User Group held a highly successful community meeting at Stephen F. Austin University, this past Friday, February 2, with nearly 60 people in attendance.

The local news outlet in Nacogdoches, KTRE was there to cover the event, producing a great story highlighting the robust GIS community of East Texas. They featured Surdex's Lidar projects in Smith county and spoke with our Deputy GIO, Felicia Retiz, about TNRIS and the resources we offer to the state of Texas.

Primarily because the science is used everywhere. The state of Texas even maintains a data clearinghouse.

"We basically go out and compile statewide data for base maps,” said Felicia Retiz, a deputy geographic information specialist.

The Texas Natural Resources System serves primarily developers, realtors, and environmental assessors to name just a few. However, you can have fun at the site from the comfort of your own home.

"People just come to our site just to have a picture of their land,” Retiz said. “We have over a million frames of historic photography over the state of Texas. and people like to see what was on their land before."

And to wrap up, they highlighted the 1st place Texas GIS Forum Poster Contest Winner, Trammel's Trace, a map made by Logan Hope & Jamison Brandenburg, students at the Arthur Temple College of Forestry & Agriculture: Stephen F. Austin State University.

The Geographic Information Office is proud we were able to support the East Texas GIS Community and will continue to build ties across the state!

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