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Texas Geographic Information Office

The Texas Geographic Information Officer (GIO) is designated by statute (Texas Water Code §16.021) to be the Director of the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS). Establishing the GIO at TNRIS was appropriate given its history as the coordinating office for geospatial data collection, creation, and maintenance since 1972. By having the responsibilities of the GIO defined in state statute, it clearly established authorized articulation of all matters associated with the operation of the office.

The most important function of the GIO is to build and maintain relationships with public agencies, institutes of higher education, and private sector and trade associations. Additionally, the role of the GIO is to encourage cooperation between stakeholders to maximize the value of Geographic Information System (GIS) data and services. The GIO accomplishes these charges by bringing the GIS community together to create connections, finding common needs, and building support for continued innovation to promote the use and adoption of geographic information systems.

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Headshopt of GIO Richard Wade

State GIO
Richard Wade

Richard Wade provides direction and management for all TNRIS-related activities and programs and serves as the Geographic Information Officer for Texas. He has 30 years of experience in GIS technology and computer mapping.

Headshot of Deputy GIO Felicia Retiz

Deputy State GIO
Felicia Retiz

Felicia Retiz works closely with the GIS community to establish strategic targets and goals for GIS initiatives in Texas. She began her career in GIS at TNRIS in 1999 after receiving a Geography degree from the University of Texas at Austin. In 2017, she completed an Executive Masters in Public Affairs from the LBJ School at UT Austin.

Past GIS Community Meeting Presentations:

    Note: Meeting presentation documents are provided for each quarter when a meeting is actually held. If there is no meeting, no document will be available for that quarter. Presentation documents are in order from oldest (top) to most recent (bottom), with a maximum of 4 documents available at any time.

    GIO Documents

    Inaugural GIO Report
    The Texas Geographic Information Landscape

    A report containing Geographic Information policy and funding recommendations to the Texas Legislature.

    Download the Report

    Texas Statewide Parcel Data Report

    Statewide parcel data are the most requested data set based on our GIO Report. This report breaks down the strategy for meeting this need.

    Full Report | Supplement