Texas Geographic Information Office Notes: September 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Notes: September 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Date: September 20, 2016 ● 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: DIR Conference Room # 1 (Lavaca)

Meeting Chair: Richard Wade, TWDB/TNRIS

Participants: Ed Kelly, DIR Co-chair; Monica Watt, CSEC; Raj Nadkarni, TCEQ; Michael Chamberlain, TXDOT; Scot Friedman, GLO; Susan Seet, CSEC; Greg Smithhart, TCEQ; Felicia Retiz, TWDB; Gayla Mullins, TWDB; Rob Aanstoos, TWDB

Attendees (9/20/2016): Richard Wade, Kara Manton, Jenn Sylvester, Stephanie Long, Chris Bardash, Felicia Retiz, Brooks Myers, Michael Kersey, Chad Lercsh, Raj Nadkarni, Vonda Payne, Gayla Mullins

Other Attendees (9/20/2016): Brooks Myers, Michael Kersey, Chad Lersch, Tere Shade - DIR

Next Meeting: 10/18/2016, 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

  • Welcomed all.

Google Imagery Priority Discussion (Gayla Mullins)

Google Imagery Priority Discussion (Gayla Mullins)

  • Felicia sent an e-mail requesting review of the priority areas for imagery refresh based on 1,2, and 3 year cycles. TCEQ responded. Need others to respond.
  • Requested refined response from TxDOT. C. Bardash will review.
  • Will continue to analyze data using heat maps for popular geographies, data usage, locations of non-use.
  • Richard Wade raised a concern with Google Imagery being out of sync with Google Maps. DCS GIS initially proposed and marketed as current imagery. Possible alternative as a “rights to choose the product” as is without picking and choosing. Richard Wade is going to contact Utah to compare and consider. Many states are very interested. Mass has signed and delivered. Richard Wade: our concern is that we’re not delivering what we proposed. Want to deliver best product possible to Texas. Not going to get the traction we need if we keep it the way it is.
  • Formulate argument and present to GIS SG for consideration and review.
  • Raj: We should get more players who are using the service to this table.
  • AppGeo has created an application that shows where imagery is being pulled from. This tool will be used to show the holes.

Statewide Parcel Database Study (Felica Retiz)

  • TNRIS has met with AppGeo about a statewide parcel database study.
  • Felicia distributed a letter stating intent to engage in parcel DB study and identifying potential stakeholders and scope as a summary of where we are at and recommended next steps and activities.
  • Uses excess funds and credits issued by AppGeo.
  • Report delivery discussed as 8/31/2017.
  • Discussion of sub-committee for assisting, guiding, and supporting AppGeo study efforts.
  • GIS SG members had no concerns with forming a sub-committee to coordinate the Statewide Parcel Database Study with the proposed letter serving as an SOW.
  • Goal is to have a kick-off meeting at the upcoming GIS Forum.
  • Parcel data has the potential to be bigger than Google Imagery. Example if earthen dam breaks, accurate parcel data would allow TCEQ to notify parcel owners in some way.
  • More scenarios and stories about use of Parcel data would be helpful to the GIS Forum presentation.

Review of 84 (R) Session Bills (Ed Kelly)

  • Ed Kelly presented an overview of the bills process and a spreadsheet of bills introduced in the 84th regular session pulled using a list of GIS keywords.
  • SB1376 related to natural disaster housing recovery. Made it most of the way through session and likely to come back.
  • 85th legislative session is coming up. Ed Kelly will continue to track and provide updates to the GIS SG.
  • Interest in tracking “cloud storage” related legislation.
  • Technology Showcases: John Hoffman asked if there would be interest from GIS SG to have vendors present in a showcase on GIS issues. Ed asked the group to consider and provide a response about GIS showcase.

Cloud Storage Discussion (Group):

  • Request for concerns or reasons for not using cloud storage.
  • Possibility of a brown-bag around topic, but needs to be focused towards a topic e.g. security,
  • Training on how to use the cloud environment and how to support it. TPWD already has a task force forming to address use of cloud and understanding.
  • TCEQ. Same thing as tablets. Can’t use Drop Box. Can’t use tools for mobility standards.
  • Disconnect between legislation and cloud first, but slow to adopt until perceived risks are addressed.
  • Reminder: that DIR is working on potential specifications for a standard GIS workstation configuration. This is also within the realm of GIS SG to propose and consider standards for GIS SG.
  • DCS program has Technology Plan that looks to the future.
  • What’s preventing people from using cloud storage?
    • Training
    • Security
    • Personnel resources
  • If cloud storage is purchased through TCEQ then many of the issues are addressed.
  • Possibility of having DIR security or CISO to address cloud storage issues and overview. A presentation about cloud services to the security people.

Next Meeting Agenda Topics

  • Update on HCS and cloud storage availability.

Next Meeting • 10/18/2016, 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

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