Texas Geographic Information Office Notes: April 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Notes: April 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Date: April 19, 2016 | 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: DIR Conference Room # 4 (Congress Room)

Meeting Chair: Richard Wade, TWDB/TNRIS
Co-chair: Ed Kelly, DIR Co-chair

Participants: Raj Nadkarni, TCEQ | Kim Ludeke, TPWD | Felicia Retiz, TWDB | Richard Wade, TWDB | Gayla Mullins, TWDB | Susan Seet, CSEC | Andrew Mellon, TxDPS | Raj Nadkarni, TCEQ | Scott Friedman, GLO | Dave Ballinger, DIR | Kyle Campbell, AppGeo | Kara Manton, Google

Other attendees: Brooks Myers, Tere Shade, Michael Kersey, Dave Ballinger, DIR;

Meeting Attendees: Richard Wade, Kyle Campbell, Kara Manton, Kim Ludecke, Raj Nadkarni, Rob Aanstoos, Felicia Retiz, Brooks Myers, Susan Seet, Andrew Mellon, Gayla Mullins, Greg Smithhart, Michael Kersey, Chad Lersch, Ron Titus, Tere Shade

Welcome and Introductions

Richard Wade opened the meeting with introductions around the room.

Google Imagery Service and AppGeo Appliance Updates

Kyle Campbell (Google) and Kara Manton (AppGeo)

  • All annual buckets complete including pyramids and geoJSON files.
  • Now at point of processing main layer. It will take 7-10 days. While that is happening certain changes will occur. Kyle wanted to make certain that GIS SG was okay with processing updates. GIS SG affirmed that it was okay to update. Richard Wade recommended putting an update on the web-site that updates are occuring.
  • It’s possible for a user to go back to the prior year to see imagery working on.
  • Updates will commence today 4/19/2016.
  • Phase 1 2016. All loaded and approved by TNRIS. Kyle is working with Kate to get the terms in place. Probably a seperate direct agreement with DIR for GCP terms.
  • Question about Bexar Metro, how will it affect? We can do pyramids or J2Ks first. Kyle has been talking to Bob directly. Kyle can supply more information, but he can’t make a decision. More information about how long it will take.
  • Chad Lersch: confirming the Ts and Cs need to be fully in place before data is purchase. ...has GCP contract been put forward to Kate, but has not confirmed that she has read through the link. Chad will circle back around with Kate.
  • Typically the pyramid all the way out to level 20 comes out first.
  • Straw poll: pyramids, don’t know, don’t know, pyramids,
  • Significant savings for Bexar.
  • Kyle once we get the terms and conditions in place, we won’t stack up flights. They will spread out. Next year things should go more smoothly.
  • Kyle to provide update on pyramid js2k by end of the week after return from Mountview.
  • Texas 2016 Phase 2 -- Next: big lake, lubbock, comstock, and floydada -- Kyle will double-check the square mileage
  • Kara with WMS update
    • Will be adding 2015 historic layer.
      • Need to address multiple imagery in 2015 for Collin County.
    • Users and usage for last six months
      • TxDOT has used over a terabyte of data, by far the biggest user.
      • 260 users last six month
      • Panhandle erpc is a large user too
      • Raj brought up the topic of reviewing usage 6 months into program to determine costs.
  • Agenda item for next GIS SG meeting: Update on GIS Contract and costs
  • Kara continuing with update
    • Heat map being created to show where users are using the data. Still TBD as to who will have access to the heat map
    • Kara will look into changing the static usernames. Limiting factor is that reports are coming from Google Big Data and it has a basic premise of put data in and don’t change it. Not sure how to link to historical data.

Kyle Campbell and Kara Manton excused for the remainder of the meeting.

Google Imagery – New / Pending Purchases and Current Budget

Tere Shade provided update:

  • Today sent e-mails to verify commitments. This will be logged into remedy to get Atos to issue PO for purchase through 2017.
  • Raj: Pending contract for year 2 and LAR. There will be two different LAR submissions. Will probably amend for FY2017 to account for the commitments that agencies have made so far. For FY2018 will implement the payment model (if you don’t pay, you don’t play).
  • Raj: What happens if we still want to get more than $75K and we don’t have enough other committment to cover the other costs. It’s good to have this a standing item to track this on a an agenda to track where we’re at with this.

GIO Report to Governor Review

Rob Aanstoos and Richard Wade reviewed Governor’s Report:

  • All members have been sent a very early draft version of the report.
  • Work of meeting with the agencies has been completed. Additional meetings will follow as necessary.
  • Interested in feedback on layout of report. Right now just content is being added and is continuous until Draft 2.
  • The intent of the report is to present a positive message to state leaders about what has been in done in reference to legislation creating the GIO. Positive message with a lot of ink as to progress.
  • Story starts with creatoin of GIO in 2011 and will continue with how far we’ve come with room for improvement.
  • Most issues are with data. Planning to show what we are planning to do to address issues. e.g. lack of land parcel for the state, emergency communication data, etc.
  • In some instances have the place holder for issues, but will return to experts like CSEC to confirm content and language.
  • Plan will make good use of design and infographics.
  • Recommendation to use call out boxes with stories that the legislators can relate to
  • Recommendatio to refer to agencies by name.
  • Rob Aanstoos requested feedback by Friday 4/22/2016.
  • Governor’s report will continue to be on the GIS SG agenda for review of further drafts.

Infogroup Data

Richard Wade and Felicia Retiz (and group discussion)

  • TxDOT has come up with some funding to contribute to a statewide enterprise license that would allow all state agencies to have a copy of the Infogroup business and residential data records.
  • Infogroup is saying that it is too late as of March 1 to use CSEC purchase of Infogroup data as credit towards an enterprise license at this date in time.
  • Still need to raise funds to reach an enterprise license for the state.
  • Polled group about using any excess funds not spent by end of 2017, if not all spent. TCEQ funding was for imagery only. DPS IAC mentions Google explicitly. LIDAR is another suggestion for using any possible leftover funds.
  • A consensus on using excess funds towards the purchase of an enterprise statewide Infogroup license was not reached.

Next Meeting: May 17, 2016, 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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