Texas Geographic Information Office Notes: May 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Notes: May 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Date: May 17, 2016 | 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: DIR Conference Room # 4 (Congress Room)

Meeting Chair: Richard Wade, TWDB/TNRIS
Co-chair: Ed Kelly, DIR Co-chair

Participants: Ed Kelly, DIR Co-chair | Monica Watt, CSEC | Raj Nadkarni, TCEQ | Kim Ludeke, TPWD | Michael Chamberlain, TXDOT | Andrew Mellon, DPS | Scot Friedman, GLO | Alex Sanders, GLO | Jeff Perkins, GLO | Susan Seet, CSEC | Greg Smithhart, TCEQ | Michael Zugelder, TXDOT | Felicia Retiz, TWDB | Gayla Mullins, TWDB | Rob Aanstoos, TWDB

Other attendees: Brooks Myers, Tere Shade, Michael Kersey, Dave Ballinger, DIR;

Meeting Attendees: Richard Wade, Ed Kelly, Monica Watt , Kara Manton, Kim Ludecke, Raj Nadkarni, Rob Aanstoos, Brooks Myers, Susan Seet, Gayla Mullins, Greg Smithhart, Michael Kersey, Chad Lersch, Tere Shade, Kate Fite

Welcome and Introductions

Richard Wade opened the meeting with introductions around the room.

Contract Update

Tere Shade provided updates.

  • DIR has finalized T&Cs for google flyovers. Tere Shade will send an update to group. It is T&C for google imagery and platform.
  • DIR now processing PO for estimated cost of flyovers between now and 8/31/2017.
  • Contract signed yesterday. Goes through 8/31/2017.

Cost Model Update

  • Richard Wade asked Chad Lersch to talk about the cost model.
  • Chad: DIR financial people really keen on aligning cost model with usage.
  • Model has been developed that captures requests.
  • Expect to have a better snapshot going forward.
  • At some point we are going to snap a chaulk line. It will probably be sometime in June or July of 2017 in advance of 8/31/2017 start date.
  • Recommendation that people take some time to stabilize usage in advance of usage based costs, by reviewing actual usage.

Governor’s Report Update

Rob Aanstoos and Richard Wade provided an update on the Governor’s Report:

  • Lot of progress on report.
  • Continue drafting. There is still time to submit more feedback or if something new comes up.
  • TNRIS will be engaging in some follow-up to make certain that issues are mapped by agencies.
  • It is still a work in progress.
  • Middle/end of June slated to release to a wider audience.
  • Hope for it to be out a week before this next meeting. '

Discussion Items

  • GIS SG member invited to send agenda topics in advance of meeting. Start working on agenda generally 10 days in advance of meeting.
  • Possibly expand GIS SG topics beyond Google e.g. how to spend any overage funds on behalf of the state, procuring imagery from other sources.
  • StratMap: currently has 7 approve vendors out of 17. Remaining are still in negotiation phase with DIR
  • GeoRodeo is this Friday.
  • Interagency data transparency group has met.
  • Survey being created for IT directors on open data.

Next Meeting: June 16, 2016, 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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