Texas Geographic Information Office Notes: June 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Notes: June 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Date: June 16, 2016 | 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: DIR Conference Room # 1 (Lavaca Room)

Meeting Chair: Richard Wade, TWDB/TNRIS

Participants: Ed Kelly, DIR Co-chair | Monica Watt, CSEC | Raj Nadkarni, TCEQ | Kim Ludeke, TPWD | Michael Chamberlain, TXDOT | Andrew Mellon, DPS | Scot Friedman, GLO | Alex Sanders, GLO | Jeff Perkins, GLO | Susan Seet, CSEC | Greg Smithhart, TCEQ | Michael Zugelder, TXDOT | Felicia Retiz, TWDB | Gayla Mullins, TWDB | Rob Aanstoos, TWDB

Other attendees: Brooks Myers, Michael Kersey, DIR;

Meeting Attendees: Richard Wade, Rob Aanstoos, Kyle Campbell, Kara Manton, Ingrid Olson (DIR), Raj, Felicia, Michael Kersey, Kim Ludeke, Greg Smithhart, Monica Watt, Adam w/ TxDOT, Stephanie

Welcome and Introductions

  • Welcomed all.
  • Ed Kelly represented by Ms. Olson Richard Wade
  • Google Imagery Service and AppGeo Appliance Updates
  • Kyle reviewed flights
  • Kara reviewed usage Kyle Campbell/Kara Manton

Discussion of Flights and imagery after Kyle and Kara left

Raj proposal to set thresholds to not have to buy imagery that is less than 8 months old.

  • Suburban and rural are every other year
  • Effort and labor to review more frequent flights.
  • Decided a couple of meetings ago to have TNRIS review data.
  • We have no control over what Google flies, but we do have control of the imagery that we purchase.
  • we may choose not to review more frequent flights in which we would basically be doint QA for google.
  • What is reviewed should be based on the needs specified by GIS SG.
  • Google uses sections. State used counties. We can accept a portion of a section.
  • Shapefiles will give an indicator of what has been flown and allow a projection of what will be flown.
  • RW: TNRIS will notify anything more recent than 8 months. Also notify on anything approaching end of 3 year life span.
  • Feedback on chart. Generally no keen interest, but interest in renewing sets approaching 3 years.
  • Special considerations for emergencies.

Governor’s Report v 1.8 Discussion

  • Report v 1.8 Distributed
  • Thanks for the comments and feedback.
  • Looking for input on pecadillos and any thoughts for discussions among several agencies.
  • Next major release 2.0 is intended to be more widely distributed. No date yet, but in July.
  • Veg map and strat map are ongoing, but now complete.
  • No branding name for the core set of shared data layers.
  • New mindset about what data is available from which agency and used how.
  • Cloud pilot expansion to other agencies.
  • Mention of future technologies ... THE FUTURE... moving forward
  • Ask Tere Shade to present on Hybrid Cloud Services (HSC) at GIS. (Greg Smithhart at TCEQ). Group requested that she present on HSC. – Can we invite Capital Metro? (Stephanie)
  • Standard GIS workstation configurations – recommended checking with John Van Horn. Configs for tablets, laptops, etc.

Group Discussion

  • Use of needs rather than “issues”
  • Integration with other reports.
  • Big business functions. Really want SG member to look at where you are and are not mentioned in the impacts portion of each need.
  • e.g. TPWD: LIDAR for vegetation mapping.
  • Over providing detail is better than under providing.
  • Also, notify Rob if agencies do not want to be included.
  • Want to get the right language and text to describe agency’s business.
  • Intent is for the report to accurately reflect agencies successes and needs.
  • Land Parcel needs: currently TPWD and TCEQ – wording could be improved. Not just air quality impact, but if there’s a disaster we need to know where and what.
  • Recommendations. Need to establish GIO in existence as first step. Recommendations do suggest what state agencies should do. Request to verify accuracy and on target for recommendations.

Update on DCS GIS Data Acquisition Funding Concept

  • TWDB has approached DIR leadership about the potential to use DCS for all data funding not just GIS.

Last Topic: Restructuring and GIS SG

  • Agenda formulated by people in this group.
  • Look at things at a state level, not just agency.
  • Issues focused, not just meeting for the sake of meeting.
  • Time to make this group be the GIS Solution Group for the state as it is intended to be.

Agenda topics next:

  • HCS (hybrid cloud services)
  • Configurations
  • New technology initiatives
  • Consider looking at GIS SG charter language

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