Texas Geographic Information Office Notes: November 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Notes: November 2016 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Date: November 15, 2016 ● 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: DIR Conference Room # 1 (Lavaca Room)

Meeting Chair: Richard Wade, TWDB/TNRIS

Participants: Ed Kelly, DIR Co-chair; Monica Watt, CSEC; Raj Nadkarni, TCEQ; Stephanie Long, TPWD; Chairman Rogers, TXDOT; Chris Bardash, TXDOT; Scot Friedman, GLO; Vonda Payne, CSEC; Greg Smithhart, TCEQ; Jenn Sylvester; Kara Manton;

Other Attendees: Brooks Myers, DIR

Next Meeting: December 13, 2016

Welcome and Introductions

  • Welcomed everyone; thanked those that attended the 2016 Texas GIS Forum. Received good feedback; still accepting evaluations.
  • Attendee introductions

Google Imagery Deliverables (Kara Manton and Richard Wade)

  • Discussed using Google’s Tile API, which is typically sold to commercial space
  • Google is ok with giving Texas access to Tile API
  • The Google part would cost $900K per year (doesn’t include the appliance part)
  • Imagery would be fresh and current
  • All images kept three years plus the current year; historic imagery would always be available upon request beyond the three years
  • Participants questioned if three years storage is enough; could move to a longterm cloud storage (Glacier)
  • Would allow use of licenses without buy-ups
  • Goal is that all of Texas will have been flown by the third year; imagery boundaries include all of Texas and could include some of Mexico and into the Gulf, depending on the zoom
  • The Tile API is ready for testing, but we will leave as is until a decision is made
  • We need to work on an alert system to notify of any updates
  • Must be clear with Google about the metadata
  • Richard Wade and Felicia Retiz will start making contact with state, regional, and local partners in January to confirm the users
  • Richard Wade and Brooks Myers stated that if no one has any objections/issues, it will be turned on December 1; no objections were raised at this meeting
  • We will ensure to document any changes to the agreement

Parcel Study Report Schedule (Jenn Sylvester and Richard Wade)

  • Conducting statewide survey to determine what appraisal districts have for data sharing, charging, costs, if it benefits us, etc.
  • Have researched various states – Massachusetts, North Carolina; some cities update weekly, some quarterly, some never; some brought in vendors to do it for them
  • Will prepare bulleted write-ups and present monthly to this group
  • Texas is conducting an online survey with state agencies to determine how they collect the data; may visit agencies to receive one-on-one input
  • Ultimate result is a data collection tool

Planet State and Local Monitoring Program (Richard Wade)

  • Planet Labs has 30 satellites in space which fly over a couple of times a day, worldwide, shooting imagery at 3.5 meters
  • The contract is just for the Texas area
  • Need clarification if there is an extra cost color infrared (CIR)
  • State would need a three-month timespan to determine how this compares to 30 days
  • Need to determine if there’s an on-demand feature we could turn on at-will or if it only runs every three days
  • Compare Planet Labs vs. Google
  • Richard will contact Planet Labs and see if there is an on-demand feature and maybe a few other model scenarios
  • TPWD stated law enforcement would have an on-demand need

InfoGroup (Richard Wade)

  • Richard Wade will schedule another group meeting to review InfoGroup’s data (they are pursuing an enterprise license)
  • Cost would be $500,000 to use their data at the state level and recurring each year afterwards
  • Attendees will ask their agencies if any are interested (TXDOT, GLO, TPWD, and TWDB said yes)

Next meeting scheduled for December 13, 2016, from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

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