Texas Geographic Information Office Notes: June 2017 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Notes: June 2017 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Date: June 13, 2017 ● 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: DIR Conference Room #4, W. P. Clements Building, 13th floor

Meeting Chair: Richard Wade, TWDB/TNRIS – Chair

Participants: Monica Watt, Scott Friedman, Raj Nadkarni, Ed Kelly, Felicia Retiz (via conference line), Travis Scruggs, Stephanie Long, Christine Wojtewicz

Welcome and Introductions

Authoritative Data Subcommittee Discussion

  • Richard suggested a subcommittee to address a broader range of data sets and to give greater focus and time to the subject. Richard asked for Geospatial Data SME. Any members of the committee are welcome to participate, but we want to open this to all agencies to participate and to have a working group. Goal is to select a working group of those that exchange the most data to develop a proposal for the whole group of 27 agencies. Anyone who is committed to working on the proposal is welcome.
  • Goal to completely define an authoritative data process and definition. The idea is to embed this data in the TNRIS catalog or similar central location. Place you go to get your definitive data. Another option is to put it on a DIR website. Group is seeking to jumpstart some of the DIR initiatives. Assignment of the workgroup will develop rules of the road, location of the site, policies and procedures, maintenance practices for updating.
  • Richard will be sending out emails soliciting members and providing a description of the group and member tasks and activities, what they should be thinking about.
  • Proposal to have the subcommittee formed by the next meeting of this group.

Address Points for Texas

  • TNRIS held good meetings with multiple entities like CSEC, UT Austin. Over 9 million address points constructed. Developed a complete process for defining source and composition of address points: from CSEC, COGs, UT. Providing all this to TNRIS for maintenance. Goal is State of TX will have a working address database for the entire state and goal to maintain it annually. Basic level but all in the same schema.
  • Raj asked for a definition of the project. TNRIS will be maintaining it. Possibly through a State address data coordinator. Might be funded by multiple agencies. Project has done a good job about how the data is collected and standardized. Seeking to develop a mutually beneficial process.
  • Question – how does it compare to Info group. Location and address. No standard for structure address point.
  • Effort from a grant for UT to develop – oriented toward emergency response, like tornado or flood response.
  • Raj suggests combining analysis of parcel data and address data and google map data to fill gaps and see what we have.

Development of Lidar Services

  • Now available fully on the TNRIS website as a link. About 15 Tb of information.

All Lidar data but primary focus is the current data.

Parcel Update

  • TNRIS meeting with GLO – Goal is to scrape all the parcel data and build input for every county. Seek to tell what counties or appraisal districts have gaps. Then report back to this committee for next steps.
  • Phase II will be to include more players and assess what elements would be helpful or what is needed. Goal is to find least common denominator of what will or can be included that is most needed. May want to seek why the users need it to determine criticality.
  • Timeline – trying to get data together and get the models built by the end of the summer on a pilot basis.

Richard will set a meeting up with Scot to address his needs this week. His users are seeking updates on focal areas.

Next round is to step it up on the pilot counties that did not respond to the request for parcel data.

Might be a possibility to use right of way data to coordinate with the authoritative data subcommittee. Subcommittee may be able to call different SMEs from agencies in and determine what they have and what they need.

Key will be knowing what is available and how long it will take to consolidate the data.

Collaboration and Input Discussion

  • Reminder that we seek input from the group members on the agenda.
  • If anything is pressing on members side, we would love to get help on the agenda.
  • Travis TXDOT – The price saving for MPOs through TXDOT – the tiers metrics are set – TNRIS can provide TIERs – probably the regional tier
  • Other topics
  • The group asked Richard to solicit agenda input further in advance

Other Items for Discussion

  • Review the charter – need to add this to the agenda for next meeting
  • Solicit input prior to the next meeting

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