Texas Geographic Information Office Notes: July 2017 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Notes: July 2017 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Date: July 19, 2017 ● 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: DIR Conference Room #4, W. P. Clements Building, 13th floor

Meeting Chair: Richard Wade, TWDB/TNRIS – Chair

Participants: Raj Nadkarni, Felicia Retiz, Gayla Mullins, Travis Scruggs, Richard Wade, Stephanie Long, Scot Friedman

Other Attendees: Michele Mosher, Capgemini

DIR: Jennifer Neutzler

Welcome and Introductions

Introduce attendees and announce agenda as being the Charter Review

Charter Document Review

  • How are members defined? Members are defined as agencies that are directly contributing to a statewide process. TPWD did something for the entire state which they gave to everyone and paid for themselves then they could come in because they are contributing to the GIS part. An agency must contribute in some form or fashion. Other agencies that might come in that are contributing data and resources as well as google imagery can come into GIS. Anyone who sits at this governance table should have an understanding of statewide data. At least one representative from each agency should be required and the financial piece should be taken out and instead of people with credibility be a member. Who can have a vote or not have a vote? It’s one vote per agency regardless of the number of people. It was decided to remove the financial requirement and to add one member with an interest. Associate members was defined as those members without a financial contribution and they have GIS in their organization with a background in GIS. Brooks advised “voting” be taken out and replaced with consensus as voting doesn’t actually take place.

Change in Membership

  • Clarified what defines an associate member by removing all financial aspects and adding the requirement for membership be defined after a one year review of participation

Group Membership

  • Group member was defined as individuals that have a diverse GIS background and in GIS data acquisition and testing. GIS data was changed to geospatial data.

Meeting Attendees

  • Meeting attendees will include was revised to “may” include one rep from the MSI, SCP. Can the chair override an agency designated resource based on their qualifications? Yes, and the existing language under “Chair Responsibilities” section should be modified and enhanced the authority and discretion to determine if the resource has the expectations and qualifications. If there are problems with the rep not being able to make a decisions then the rep can review their agency expert then get back with the meeting chair. Agencies being responsible for selecting qualified reps and alternates will be revisited and discussed during the next session.

Decision Making

  • Funding decisions will come from the agency not from this committee. The committee will never make a decision on funding without agency executive approval.

Google Imagery Program Update

Two months ago the tiers for the costs was announced to all the participants in the Texas (Google) imagery service. In June, everyone’s usage was computed and an annual average was formulated. This annual average was used to determine what everyone would be contributing and then put in a letter to the agencies with an action on what their participation would be. They have received some responses for customers who want to participate for sure some that are still deciding and some that are not ready to participate.

Four state agencies that funded the pilot are firm to participate and did not reject the Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR). There are seven state agencies that did not receive an LAR and TWDB is writing a letter to request continued participation and inform them of the upcoming balance due in order to meet the participation budget goal.

The TWDB contribution will be raised to the highest amount.

Authoritative Data Sub-Committee

On another quest to have authoritative data for each agency, if an agency has it the committee wants to know. Would there be anyone at this group will to possibly head this up? No more than five to seven members to do the research. The sub-committee responsibilities will start with a survey to state agencies requesting information regarding current data collection and maintenance practices. It shouldn’t be limited to this group but should be members outside of this group. A strategic layout of the subcommittee will be worked out over the next few weeks.

Mobile/High-Res Lidar

TXDOT High Res Lidar equipment is under initial talks for implementation on statewide vehicles for state owned right of way. Very early stages with debates on how much the cost would be for the vendor versus acquiring the hardware to do it themselves. There are a lot options on the vendor side to do this which is why the Lidar data is interesting to this group.

Would be useful for other agencies as well. Could there be some cost sharing involved with other agencies that could use Lidar data. There will be a pilot project to start.

Wrap Up, Action Items, and Next Agenda

Owner Description
Richard Wade, Travis Scruggs, Felicia Retiz Develop a strategic layout for the authoritative subcommittee
Richard Wade, Felicia Retiz, Travis Scrugs Identify subcommittee members
Travis Scruggs, Joey Thomas (TNRIS) Identify agencies interested in Hi-Res Lidar

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