Texas Geographic Information Office Notes: June 2018 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Notes: June 2018 DCS GIS Solutions Group Meeting

Date: May 29, 2018 ● 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: DIR Congress Conference Room, CR1, W. P. Clements Building, 13th floor

Meeting Chair: Richard Wade, TWDB/TNRIS; Ed Kelly, DIR – Co-chair

Participants: Felicia Retiz, Gayla Mullins, Ilyanna Kadich, TWDB/TNRIS; Raj Nadkarni, TCEQ; Chris Bardash, TxDOT; Scot Friedman, GLO; Jenn Sylvester, AppGeo

Welcome and Introductions

Parcel and Address Point Project Overview - Ilyanna Kadich

  • Ilyanna's role as educator - to educate consumers on the purpose/objective of the two priority data sets.
  • Parcel Data
    • Working with GLO to update the 18 coastal county parcels.
    • Met with Core Logic, Dallas Central Appraisal District, BIS Consulting, and Harris Govern so far.
    • Attended the Texas Demographer's Conference in May.
  • Address Points
    • Met with Commission on State Emergency Communications and 911 Datamasters to discuss the current climate of 911 GIS.
    • Initially, the address point data developed for the Water Data Model would supply the National Address Database. Currently reviewing their standard and requirements.
  • Stakeholder committee will be initiated for interested groups.
    • Assign those within agencies who use the data
    • Project manager to be assigned
    • One page logic model for distribution

Google Cloud Training - Group Discussion

Training interest so far: - TCEQ - 4 - TPWD - 3 - TNRIS - 3 - CSEC - 2 - TxGLO - 2

  • Group discussed re-addressing Google Cloud training until after the calendar year to ensure available funds.

Topics for GIS SG Consideration - Group Discussion

  • Group discussed upcoming Hurricane season, there may be a need to bring up topics and proposals through the BELC meeting for data/knowledge sharing.

• Next meeting – Tuesday, July 2,2018 2:30 – 4:00 p.m

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