Our 2014 Recap and What's to Come

This past year was a busy one and the GIO was just getting started. Here's a rundown of some of exciting projects and initiatives our office was part of, followed with a look ahead to the coming year.

Some of the things we did...

  • Collaborated with Texas Department of Information Resources for GIS Infrastructure Needs.
  • Engaged with State and Federal Agency partners to reset communication.
  • Conducted Community Interest Surveys.
    • Imagery-as-a-Service Solutions
    • Priority Statewide GIS Layers
  • Collaborated with the Texas Department of Transportation to develop a pilot cloud test environment for GIS data sharing.
  • Held the first Texas GIS Community meeting to discuss meeting requirements, expectations, and meeting intervals.
  • Conducted roundtable discussion at the Texas GIS Forum with key state agency representatives to discuss the future of statewide GIS initiatives.
  • Worked with the Texas Department of Resources and several state agencies to establish Imagery-as-a-Service pilot for 6-inch Google imagery.

...And what we have planned for 2015

  • Create governance council to monitor and measure use of Google Imagery service pilot.
  • Develop process and collaborate with State Agencies to determine authoritative data sources.
  • Develop State Agency Stakeholder Communication Plan.
  • Work with State Agency Stakeholders to outline and develop 2016 Report to the Governor regarding GIS in Texas.

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