Notes: Texas GIS Community Meeting 2nd Quarter 2016

The 2nd quarter Texas GIS Community meeting of 2016 was held on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016.

Project Updates

logo and link to TNRIS Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS)

Since we last met

Richard Wade, State Geographic Information Officer

  • New GIS Solutions Group Page– a web page dedicated to the activities of the GIS Solutions Group.

  • New Lidar 2016-2017 Project Page – a web page created for project visibility and to attract additional partners for new Lidar in central Texas.

  • Google Pilot – renewed for 18 additional months to continue analysis and build out processes for receiving new imagery and balancing shared costs for continuation after 9/1/2017.

  • Infogroup Enterprise License – continues to be a point of discussion. Another agency has come on board with a budget but still not at the price point for the enterprise license. Please contact Felicia if you have funds to contribute.

  • SCAUG Conference – April 18-22 (next week) TNRIS will be there with a booth and present on Public/Private partnerships highlighting the Google/AppGeo project.

  • Community Collaboration Page Opinion – TNRIS was approached about having a GIS collaboration site that would serve as a place for GIS professionals to post questions and have peers offer answers, suggestions, and helpful tips. The City of Austin has implemented a collaboration site internally using a platform called Bloomfire. Attendees were asked to sign up if interested in being on a working committee to plan at the state level.

Imagery for Texas

Gayla Mullins

Final data from the 2015 Texas Orthoimagery Project (TOP) captured at 0.5-meter resolution during the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 winter seasons is near completion and has been delivered in full to TNRIS. The southernmost tip of Texas is the most recent delivery to TNRIS and will be made available for download from the TNRIS website in about two weeks along with the exisiting data for the rest of the state. The TOP imagery is also being shared with the Esri Community Imagery Program. Imagery is gradually appearing in the Esri imagery basemap available in Arc products starting now. Check the project website for additional updates and data download and WMS connection information. The Buy-Up areas at 6-inch/1-foot resolution are also complete and available and in various stages of download and WMS access. See chart on slide 10 of the QtrlyMtg2_2016.pdf All products from the 2015 TOP project are 4-band and in the public domain.

NAIP 2016

Gayla Mullins

The National Agriculture Imagery Program will fly Texas during the 2016 growing season (May - October) at 1-meter resolution. The final product will be 4-band and in the public domain. NAIP is managed by the USDA-Aerial Photography Field Office.

StratMap Contract Update

Gayla Mullins

Contracts have been signed by a few of the 17 companies currently under negotiation and are ready for use by state agencies and other public entities for GIS products, services, and software. TNRIS is working on a dedicated StratMap Contract web page that will contain information regarding use of the contract, list of contractors, and links to contractor sites. The contracts are held at the Department of Information Resources (DIR).

South Central Texas Lidar

Joey Thomas

Still on track to collect lidar in south central Texas this next leaf-off season. Contributing partner list is growing and we expect the USGS will announce the opening for grant proposals sometime this summer. A meeting to discuss the grant proposal will be held soon.

Agency Roll Call

Many representatives of government agencies and city governments from across the state were in attendance and shared updates on key projects and initiatives their organizations are working on. We'd love to see you or your organization at the next meeting.

Texas General Land Office Logo and Link to website Texas General Land Office

Scot Friedman

Working on web apps, mobile apps, offshore structures inventory in state waters, oil spill toolkit (next release scheduled for September), boat ramps. With the recent removal of parcel data from Google Earth, GLO has worked on collecting parcels from county appraisal districts. Close to finalizing agreement with City of Corpus Christi for their parcel data. Parcel data is needed by the beach team for permitting. Need centralized parcel data at least for coastal counties and would like to see a service provided by TNRIS.

GIS programmer analyst position with GLO will be posted soon. GIS team interested in Infogroup data. Kam coming May 3 and will coordinate to have the meeting with TNRIS.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)

Kim Ludeke

Working on conservation areas indices. Have a little money to refine some of the VegMap areas, working with NPS in the South Padre Island area. Got funding for plant ecologist to focus on prairie/grassland areas – intensively visit areas of the state for grassland monitoring. Maybe use lidar for. Still need additional funding for more Veg mapping refinement and seagrass mapping.

Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS)

#### Linda Prosperie

Two GIS positions available at DPS. Currently working on a mobile application for law enforcement, field officers, and troopers working along the Texas-Mexico border.

logo and link to state Demographer's office Office of the State Demographer (OSD)/State Data Center (SDC)

#### Jeff Jordan

Getting ready for the upcoming 2020 census and conducting a housing review using new imagery and parcel data by 2018.

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

#### Mike Zugelder

Will give presentation on new TxDOT Open Data Portal in a few minutes. TxDOT is prioritizing road projects by scoring and ranking them in order of importance. Working on road centerlines but currently there is a 6-8 month freeze on updates. Data updates are requested as needed.

Traci Tracey

Free GeoDev Meetup at NXNW coming up Tuesday, May 24.

Renae Seely

Sunsetting DARS and dividing between TWC and HHSC which means splitting up mapping efforts too. Complete overhaul of their districts and areas.


Implementing TxDOT's Open Data

Adam Breznicky, Chris Bardash, Mike Zugelder – TxDOT

  • Over the last year, TxDOTs Transportation Planning and Programming Division has moved much of its data to ArcGIS Online, improved metadata and developed an Open Data Site to share its geospatial data with the public.

Digital Globe

Travis Schindler – Digital Globe

  • High resolution imagery, basemaps, DEMs and Big Data – Using satellites to collect and create products from 16 years of archive imagery.

Texas GIO Report 2016

Felicia Retiz – Deputy GIO, TNRIS

  • Several state agencies have been interviewed, surveys have been collected, and we are now compiling data for the upcoming 2016 report.

3rd Quarter Meeting - July 12, 2016

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