Notes: Texas GIS Community Meeting 1st Quarter 2017

The 1st quarter Texas GIS Community meeting of 2017 was held on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017.

Project Updates

logo and link to TNRIS Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS)

Since we last met...

Richard Wade, State Geographic Information Officer

  • Texas has received grant funding from the USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) to fund 2017 Lidar projects in Texas.

  • The Texas Imagery Service recieved an upgrade and is currently serving over 150 public agenies. A revised contract with Google will guarantee imagery updates in alignment with the public facing Google Maps application.

  • A statewide parcel study is currently in production to understand the availability of digital parcel data at the county appraisal district level and to collect at the state-agency level. The study is expected to be complete by the end of May 2017.

  • The Geographic Information Officer report was delivered to the governor, leiutenant governor, and Speaker of the House on December 1, 2016. Please use it as a discussion document with leadership and share your comments and suggestons with us.

85th Legislature Update

Felicia Retiz

We are watching for bills filed during this session to see how they might apply to the community. Currently there is a bill regarding UAV regulation (H.B638/S.B. 395) and a few bills that will directly affect the needs study for parcel data (S.B. 2, S.B. 200, H.B. 997, SJR 31, etc.).

If you hear of any bills filled during the session we should track, please let us know.

Lidar for Texas

Joey Thomas

  • Texas is currently collecting over 11,000 square miles in central and east Texas with financial assistance from 3DEP. These projects are being collected and processed by Fugro and QA'd by AECOM.
  • FEMA is concurrently collecting over 50,000 square miles in northeast and north central Texas.
  • Seeking partnerships for 2018 winter collect to cost share with Texas Water Development Board.

Imagery for Texas

Gayla Mullins

Imagery products from the 2016 NAIP acquisition are expected to be available in Spring 2017.

  • 1.0 meter
  • 4-band
  • public domain
  • Status: currently under inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

2017 Brazos County Flyover

  • 6-inch
  • 4-band
  • Status: weather permitting
  • Availble Summer 2017

2014 Houston-Galveston

  • 6-inch/12-inch
  • 3-band natural color/3-band color infrared
  • Status: Received at TNRIS
  • Available February 2017

StratMap Contracts at DIR

  • All contracts, minus one, are available for use. The contract has successfully been used by several agencies to acquire software, services, and geospatial data.
  • The contract with Esri continues to be negotiated.

Texas Statewide Parcel Update

Jennifer Sylvester, AppGeo

The statewide parcel study has completed a survey of all 253 appraisal districts. Of the 253 districts, 152 (83.3%) reported having a digital parcel dataset for their district. The study itself will contain the following:

  • Status of digital data in Texas
  • Other state approaches
  • National context/initiatives
  • Use cases/economic benefits
  • Recommendations/next steps

Agency Roll Call

Many representatives of government agencies and city governments from across the state were in attendance and shared updates on key projects and initiatives their organizations are working on. We'd love to see you or your organization at the next meeting.

Ed Kelly, DIR

Statewide Data Coordinator. Establishing governance. Does a lot of work for Open Data. Locked in on Bond Review Board and Veterans group to put their data on open data portal. DIR working on open data playbook like a guide. Full-day Conference on June 22, 2017 – actively planning. Keynote Dr. Peter Akin – managing data guru. Program being developed. Info on DIR website, asking for TNRIS to put on too.

Texas General Land Office Logo and Link to website Texas General Land Office

Scot Friedman

GLO - Internal stuff. Updating servers, migrating data, etc. Process documentation for efficiency. New release of oil spill tool kit online – major update this time. Offshore structures inventory project. – derelict structures to remove. Mine sites project through DIR Contracts, elevation and orthoimagery.

Texas Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG)

Jeff Paine

Geologic Atlas of Texas, storefront for hard copy maps. BEG owns their own lidar sensor used for detailed elevation mapping. Want to get their hard copy maps digitized and shared.

logo and link to state DSHS site Department of State Health Services (DSHS)

Asia Davidson

Mostly internal work. Doing work on Zika due to Brownsville detection. More ArcGIS Online presence for making data accessible to the public.

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

Travis Scruggs

Open data site. Now is just a few divisions from TxDOT, not all. Statewide planning map is simple interface and can interact with their published data. TxDOT Project Tracker – can look up all planned construction projects mapped.

Adam Brezicky, Texas Natural Resources Information System

TNRIS – Application development. Interactive Data Catalog. Lidar data available online in the next month. Water Plan interactive application work. Working to improve interactive flood application.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

Greg Smithhart

Maintaining GIS enterprise. Biowatch viewer of airborne pollutants that could be released per an emergency response. Login only for people that need it. Moving older legacy viewers into the cloud – ArcGIS Online because they are faster, more efficient for updates.

Marcia Workman

Groundwater planning assessment. Have data to share with the public. Want to become more interactive with public for groundwater data.

Megan Brown

Surface Water Rights. Tracks ownership of water rights. Big supporter of parcel data. Personal endeavor: Working on organizing GIS Workgroup for Nonprofits.

Delmar College

UAS GIS applications. Goal to integrate into schools for dual credit – 12 ISDs so far. Developed UAS Program through NSF grant. Trying to get word out on GIS. Dean is part of South Texas COG and promoter of GIS.


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)
Utilization of GIS at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Sanborn Mapping Company
Data Collection Over Abandoned Mine in Harris County

Hugh Bender, Bridget Marcotte

Next Meeting

2nd Quarter 2017 - April 18, 2017 - Location TBD

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