Slides: Texas GIS Community Meeting 2018 3rd Quarter

The 3rd Quarter GIS Community Meeting was held on July 24, 2018 at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department headquarters in Austin, TX. In lieu of a guest presentation, the opportunity to give a lightning talk by attendees was offered and accepted by several state agencies.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Logo Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)


TPWD is currently in the process of upgrading their GIS servers at the Data Center. At the same time, we are attempting to upgrade our ESRI software…exploring the Enterprise environment with Portal

Working with Texas Department of Emergency Management in developing shared hosted services that can be consumed and viewed in custom apps for emergency response. TPWD has developed a survey123 form-based app for situational awareness purposes.


  • Mobile apps…exploring the upgrade development of incorporating ESRI runtime SDK functionality
  • Public Hunt Maps for book, hard copy and digital; updating the interactive Public Hunting Map
  • Landscape Ecology Program maintaining TEAM (Texas Ecosystem Analytical Mapper); analyzing - Lidar along with using eCognition software for image analysis to identify Houston Toad Habitat

State Parks

Uusing Web App Builder to create some custom internal solutions

  • Natural Resources Viewer
  • Cultural Resources Viewer

Inland Fisheries

For Urban Fishing Areas, using business analyst and tapestry to identify and target underserved groups for marketing efforts

Using SAS and GIS, analyzing license sales based on impacts from Hurricane Harvey.

Coastal Fisheries

Resource specialists in the field are continuously creating and updating resource data that is supplied to GLO in support of applications such as the resource management codes

TWDB logo and link to website Texas Water Development Board

Searching for SQL Server DBA level I, II, or III

DSHS logo and link to website Department of State Health Services

Unpaid intern opportunity coming up

CSEC logo and link to website Commission on State Emergency Communications

New EGDMS III system. Current contract is now expired. New contract awarded to GeoComm to get things ready for NG9-1-1

TCEQ logo and link to website Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Moving users off of ArcGIS to Pro. Forum workshop suggestion – ArcGIS to Pro migration for the “old dogs”.

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

C. Bardash

Presented updates on GRID, proprietary software (Geospatial Road Inventory Database) built to report to federal agencies. First year to submit to FHWA using GRID = huge success. Caught up on road edits.

CRI Project

New policy – will now update annually; just finished updating 2016 data, was paused for two years. DUSA (Data Updates Sharing App) for editing roads toward next year’s inventory. All electronic. Not accepting any paper any more. County Judges or appointees make the markups online. Just county roads.

County Mapbook

Last hardcover in 2014. Developed an application instead for emergency use due to post-Harvey. County grid PDFs. Print On Demand.

Crowdsourcing Efforts (within TxDOT) for ROW, Guardrail, Cemeteries – Digitize what you can see on imagery for estimates.

Open Data Portal Upgrade

About to launch, will look a lot different per new Esri template.

GIS Work Group

  • New for TxDOT-wide governance. Providing GIS leadership and stakeholder voice. Short term goals: GIS Data Inventory and Metadata Standard
  • Project Tracker Upgrade – new frontend
  • Asked group about GitHub Training interest.
  • Annual GIS Conference at TxDOT, combined with Survey Conference.
  • Statewide Planning Map redesign to new Javascript 4X API.

Aja asked - How often is city polygon’s layer updated? Super infrequently. Leaving in current state now until roadways can change.

Claire asked – Cemeteries available to public? Yes, in open data portal eventually.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Logo Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)

Presenter: J. Nobles

GIS in almost all departments. Follow web page top links. Upgrading ArcServer at Data Center. New to Portal. Any pros out there available for consultation?

GIS governance called GIS CAB (Change Advisory Board), committee to approve for server reboots and software installations. Updating Python scripting – putting together a workflow to automate this. Working with Game Wardens and 123 Survey app. Situational awareness of emergency events. App on phone for law enforcement to use. Had exercise in field and ready to implement during emergency. Trying to work with TDEM on data sharing through AGO. Wildlife Division – working on public hunt map in AGO. Landscape Ecology Map – continually keeping up this dataset. Using lidar with imagery for toad habitat conservation.

My Hunt Harvest mobile app

To incorporate Esri runtime tools into their app.

Working with AppGeo on managed land deer permits. ….rolling out cultural resources viewer using Web App Builder for field collection. Inland Fisheries – focusing on urban fishing areas using demographics part of Tapestry. Looking at license sales effected by Hurricane Harvey. Decreased throughout Texas. Coastal Fisheries – continually updating GLO applications through field updates. Working with Ed Kelly for State Open Data Portal. GIS link in the “More” tab.

Texas General Land Office Logo and Link to website TX General Land Office

Presenters: S. Friedman, D. Gao

  • Showed mapping viewers. Developed workflow tools for internal and external customers.
  • New
  • Rebranded Storm Viewer (internal) for managing all GLO assets. Getting a TASSCC award.
  • Hurricane Harvey Damage Assessment. Lots of field staff data collected post-event.
  • Oil Spill Toolkit (public) – Updated every year for GLO and other agencies need to respond to oil spill.
  • TxSed (public) – Tx Sediment Geodatabase, updated soon to html.

Resource Mgmt Codes (RMC) (public)

Updated online now. For energy companies want to lease land tracts and know what resources are on them, per code. + all underlying info per code. New code for desalination coming in conjunction with TPWD.

PSF mine sites

Flown with lidar + ortho last year (base line) and this year to determine accuracy of volumetric pilings reported from mine owners. Aircraft acquisition from UT-BEG.\

Land/Lease Viewer

Coastal parcels project update this year in conjunction with TNRIS as part of new statewide parcel database.

Structures in State Waters data

Now available, viewer Is internal. TPWD could use data for artificial reef project. Artificial Reef might also be good or RMC database. Supporting field data collection using Arc Collector app.

TNRIS Logo Texas Natural Resources Information System

Representatives: M. Pavon, A. Breznickly, J. Kleinert

3D building projects

10 step complex process. Using Lidar. Not all datasets have building classification.

Working on 2 major projects LS4 engine

Historical Aerial Imagery

Currently in testing phase. Ultimate goal is to have WMS services. Will add to Data Catalog

Parallel Projects

  • Revamping Data Catalog – new API; will be available for hosting from outside websites.
  • Vector Tile Maps are amazing.
  • Looking for peer presentations for 2019 GeoRodeo coming up in May!

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