Slides: Texas GIS Community Meeting 2019 1st Quarter

The 1st Quarter GIS Community Meeting was held on January 15, 2019 at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in Austin, TX. Guest presenters were Traci Tracey of Esri - San Antonio and Ed Kelly of the Department of Information Resources. Slides are included where permission granted.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Logo Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)

Working on Server upgrade; migrating. Developing apps using offline maps geared toward Wildlife/Hunt/Harveat app

TCEQ logo and link to website Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Upgrading infrastructure, server migration (Oracel II) and app migration for entire agency. ArcPro and Portal migration with plans to use ArcGIS Online (AGO) for production. Moving toward map services.

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

Internal Steering Committee formed to help pull all GIS together. 37 other DOTs have data dictionary to go with AGO. New data dictionary will be more detailed and searchable. Working with Portal for sensitive data. Esri is coming in for Governance Workshop to help TxDOT w/AGO and Portal development.

SARA Logo and Link to website San Antonio River Authority

AGO adoption, now all data public but now backtracking and moving sensitive data on Portal (I sense a trend, here….). Also migrating to ArcPro.

Logo For Demographer's Office State Demographer's office

Conference coming up in June.

Texas General Land Office Logo and Link to website TX General Land Office

  • Community Development & Revitalization is waiting for HUD to open back up.
  • Creating a composite index map for funding allocation (damage/flood risk).

City of Austin logo and link to website City of Austin

Working on Census stuff at the PSAP level. Would like to speak to others re: managed services. Working w/MS Azure for machine learning w/planimetrics.

Esri mentioned issue with Fort Bend county line in Esri data.