Texas GIS Community Meeting 2020 2nd Quarter - Notes and Slides

The 2nd Quarter GIS Community Meeting of 2020 was held virtually for the first time. We claim it as a success with a 50% increase from our average in-person attendance of roughly 35-40 persons. Is this a sign of our future? We have maintained that in-person quarterly meetings are vital to networking and serves our purpose of remaining connected. However, it has always been a challenge for those around the state to attend unless you happen to be in the Capital city on the very date the meetings are held. What does this mean for future quarterly meetings? While we still firmly believe in-person meetings are best for networking, our eyes are now open to the importance of reaching the wider community around Texas. The 3rd Quarter GIS Community Meeting will once again be conducted virtually and future meetings, once we are safe to mingle again, will include online broadcasting. Until then, the slide decks from our featured presenter, 1Spatial, and our updates are available for your review.

View the community and 1Spatial presentation slides below.

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