Data and Mapping Solutions

The Data and Mapping Solutions section of TNRIS applies design, communication, and technology to provide data solutions and cartographic products to the geographic information systems (GIS) communities of Texas, the Texas/Mexico border and beyond. Our technologists have decades of experience working with analog and digital mapping in support of emergency management and economic development.


  • Basemap development and maintenance

    Develop and maintain GIS layers, symbolization, and annotation for basemap production. Continuously update basemap production processes, geospatial data, and database organization.

  • Create, develop and maintain TNRIS Web Mapping Services

    Maintain existing GIS web-based capabilities and services. Create new web mapping services to better serve our customers by incorporating all relevant TNRIS data into useable digital formats. Perform quality control and assurance (QA/QC) measures and processes to meet cartographic standards, maintain software performance, and meet general guidelines.

  • Perform QA/QC on incoming data

    Perform thorough Quality Assurance and Quality Control on all received data before it is made available for digital download or included in databases for internal use.

  • Provide cartographic design, data collection, data assembly, data consultation, and data support to Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and external customers

    Design and maintain cartographic layer representation and digital content with emphasis on online viewing for data downloading, web site viewing, and web-based mapping applications.

    Collect, assemble, and distribute data for web-based applications. Work with web developers to meet defined standards for representing and serving digital data. DMS also provides quality control and assurance (QA/QC), data flow testing, and performance testing for all TNRIS online web-mapping applications.

  • Participate in Data Sharing workgroup in support of State’s Geographic Information Officer (GIO)

    Participate in various ways in support of the GIO by attending internal coordination meetings, data sharing workgroups, GIS conferences and workshops, and the annual TNRIS Texas GIS Forum.

  • Coordinate and fulfill internal and external map and GIS data requests in order provide TWDB staff and the public with the most up to date, relevant, and detailed information

    Provide cartographic and GIS support to meet the needs of the requestor by issuing pre-made maps, digital graphics, or by creating custom maps and GIS data.

  • Develops GIS and cartographic design standards, processes, and mapping templates for implementation into all avenues of cartographic production and database management

    Create and maintain design standards, GIS layer symbolization, and mapping templates to maintain consistency and organization for all GIS and mapping products, hard copy publications, and digital graphics.

  • Provides data tracking, data recording, and archival services for all incoming geospatial raster and vector data

    Develop, organize, and update databases with information regarding all incoming data that enters TNRIS. Provides report to staff on all database updates, changes, and data specifications.