Research & Distribution Center (RDC)

The RDC offers a variety of additional products, support and services from our in-house staff. We provide hands-on assistance and expertise.

Some of our services include:

  • Statewide collection, duplication, and distribution of maps from government partners such as USGS Topography, USFWS Wetlands, and the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate program
  • Reproductions of historical maps and aerial imagery
  • Custom mapping using TNRIS datasets
  • Digital data distribution including high resolution orthoimagery and Lidar data on DVDs, thumb drives, external hard drives and via FTP
  • Staff assistance in locating natural resource information and related data or information provided through other agencies
  • Staff assistance in accessing bulk data acquisitions
  • Data support for TNRIS datasets
  • Reproduction of Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) publications and maps

Please contact us for more information about these services and datasets.