Welcome to the New TNRIS site

Small, 3-D pages of the new site stacked in front of each otherYou're browsing on the brand-new version of tnris.org! This is an exciting launch for us, and we sincerely hope our site redesign meets your needs and expectations. While some of the content is similar to what you're used to, we are excited to offer new ways to explore and access TNRIS data and connect with the Texas geospatial community.

We'd love to hear from you as you explore the new site. Don't hesitate to contact us and let us know if everything is working smoothly, if anything isn't looking right or even if you just want to give us some virtual high-fives.

Now on to what's new!

Dive Deep into the Data Catalog

a sample of the data catalogThe new Data Catalog showcases TNRIS's extensive data holdings like never before.

The most prominent content addition to our site is the Data Catalog. While much of the data has been available at TNRIS for some time, this is the first time that all of it has been catalogued and organized for easy access and exploration online.

Each dataset has a clear template and samples of what data will look like, with descriptions, selected metadata and other details.

Included on each page are also all the ways the data can be accessed. You'll be able to tell right away if you can search and download online via our website; custom order through our Research and Distribution services; or load the data as an online map service.

Across the site, you'll also run into data cards that link to data sets when they are referenced in articles or on other pages, so you'll know right away where to find the data that is being referred to.

In the near future, stay posted as we roll out more robust search functionality that will make exploring our data even easier.

Mobile-Ready and Device Responsive

A hand holds a smart phone showing the mobile version of tnris.orgWe are committed to meeting accessibility requirements and increasing access to our content across platforms and devices.

For the first time, tnris.org is up-to-date with the latest mobile-ready site practices and dynamically responsive to your chosen browsing device.

Pull us up on your phone and see how the site adapts when you're on the go.

Bringing More to Our Front Page

As always, we will keep you updated on the latest projects and features happening at TNRIS, but we hope you'll find a bigger picture of what's happening at TNRIS and around the state.

The front page will be the portal to our latest major initiatives, from data projects, to the GeoRodeo and Texas GIS Forum. Our latest training courses are available and other features will be highlighted.

Data Spotlights Reveal the Story Behind Striking Data

Some highlighted images from data spotlights in perspective As maps and data geeks, sometimes, we just want to share interesting images or maps that look cool and highlight the ways in which data represent and interact with our expansive Texas geography. Data spotlights will be a new way for us to do that and share something with the TNRIS user commmunity.

We'd also love to invite our fellow geospatial data aficionados to share maps and data that they would like to highlight, especially from across our community of state agencies. Contact us if you have a Data Spotlight you'd like to pitch to us.

Follow Statewide Geospatial Coordination Through the Geographic Information Office

TNRIS, as part of its legislative mandate, is the home of the state's Geographic Information Office.

Charged with fostering GeoSpatial collaboration throughout the state, you can keep track of the GIS community meetings, as well as catch updates regarding ongoing projects from the Director, Richard Wade, and Deputy Director, Felicia Retiz.

...And More to Come!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have plans to continue enhancing and expanding our ability to serve the public and Texas's geospatial community. TNRIS's goal is to provide the highest caliber of geospatial services for the people of Texas.

We encourage you to reach out and contact us to let us know how we can continually improve your experience at tnris.org.

Providing the Highest Level of Geographic Data Services to the People of Texas

Research & Distribution

Data support staff working with a customer

Let our hands-on team of data specialists assist you with physical map products and other datasets, many unavailable online.

Learn More about Research & Distribution

Geographic Information Office

Texas flag superimposed with spatial data

TNRIS hosts the State of Texas’s Geographic Information Office (GIO), an inter-agency initiative to collaborate and facilitate the effective use of G.I.S. in state and local government.

Learn More about the Geographic Information Office

Texas GIS Forum

Audience and speaker at the Texas GIS Forum

Our annual gathering of the Texas GIS community, showcasing the latest innovations and talent in the field.

Learn More about the Texas GIS Forum