Data Spotlight

Desire Path Evaluation on a University Campus

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Map created by Samantha Alaniz and Alexander Holman - Stephen F. Austin State University

What are we Looking At?

Desire Paths were analyzed using five categorizations and forming four types of possible solutions using Pictometry Neighborhood Imagery. During this process, the paths were identified and measured using Pictometry, visually inspected, and later measured on the ground to determine the accuracy of Pictometry to complete the assessment of Desire Paths. The purpose of using Pictometry in this assessment was to determine if using Pictometry was adequate to assess the Desire Paths without physical investigation of the Desire Paths. The final product of the Desire Path assessment and solution proposal will be used as a resource for campus beautification and a reduction of potential liability from paths across campus.

Where Did the Data Come From?

Base map Imagery provided by ESRI ArcGIS and Pictometry.