Data Catalog and Data Download Updates Fall 2016

The TNRIS Data Catalog and Data Download pages have undergone some big changes that we hope will make finding and acquiring the data you need easier than ever.

The biggest change is to our Data Catalog. We've now enabled live search of the catalog, using keywords. In addition, we've added filtering options to refine searches and focus on the data you're looking for.

There are also options to sort alphabetically, by category, or by most recently added.

Finally, we've moved to presenting data sets as 'data tiles', to more easily view multiple datasets all at once.

Watch a quick example of filtering the catalog in the video below.

  1. First, we open the filtering options, and click the 'Lidar' filter, to focus on that category.
  2. Then, we type 'Austin' into the search to refine even further and find a dataset that matches our needs.

More Robust Information for Historical Imagery Searches

The major addition to the Data Download page is the ability to not only view what years of Historical Imagery are available for a given county, but more robust information is provided to make historical imagery requests easier.

Watch the video below as we check out this feature

  1. We input 'Harris' into the county search to navigate to Harris County.
  2. Then, we navigate to the Historical Imagery box and expand to see more info.
  3. We can then sort according to different attributes, including number of frames.

We've also added an 'info' button to data sets that link to the relevant data catalog entry.

Don't hesistate to contact us and let us know what you think about these changes. We want to be sure everything is working smoothly or if you have suggestions for changes or improvements. We will to continue working to be provide our very best GIS data distribution services to the people of Texas.

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