Texas GIS Forum Platinum Sponsor Spotlight - Harris Geospatial

The Texas GIS Forum and TNRIS are grateful to our Platinum Sponsors who make the event possible. We'd like to give them the opportunity to tell you what they're excited to bring to you at the Forum and beyond. Harris Geospatial wants to share their ongoing developments with Geiger-Mode Lidar.

The demand for airborne Lidar elevation data and derived products across diverse business sectors has grown significantly over the past two decades. To meet this increasing need in a cost-effective manner, sensor developers, data collectors, and production sources are always looking to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Originally developed for US military applications but becoming increasingly available in the non-defense market, Lidar systems built with Geiger Mode Avalanche Photodiode (GmAPD) detectors provide significant efficiency gains for airborne mapping when compared with currently available linear mode sensors. Because GmAPD detectors are physically compact and single photon sensitive, they can be packaged into large arrays and powered by readily available lasers with sub-nanosecond pulse widths. These two factors enable the development of GmAPD LIDAR systems that can collect very high density airborne data (i.e. 10 – 40+ points/m2) at very high instantaneous area of coverage rates (greater than 1000 km2/hour).

Now, one collect of Geiger-mode Lidar data can be used for multiple purposes. In addition, organizations using Geiger-mode Lidar data can update their GIS with a clear picture of the present and make smarter decisions to impact the future.

Read more about Geiger-mode Lidar at the Harris website:

Visit harrisgeospatial.com

Be sure to visit Harris's booth in the atrium on both days of the Forum, and don't miss their presentation, Geiger-Mode Lidar : A New Paradigm for Remote Sensing on Thursday, Oct. 27th, at 11:30am-12:00pm, in the Big Tex Auditorium.

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