TNRIS Lidar Data Now Available for Download

The Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) Strategic Mapping team is excited to announce that all Texas Lidar data currently in our inventory is now available to be directly downloaded through the TNRIS DataHub. TNRIS has implemented a streamlined and cost-effective, cloud-based infrastructure repository for all datasets which allows our data to be accessed directly through the download service. As with all downloadable data sets, users will be able to use an interactive map to “drill down” and to select the desired areas of interest.

Lidar is a very large data set and the process to download large areas can take both time and patience. TNRIS continues to provide bulk hard drive copy services for large Lidar dataset orders through our DataHub.

About Our Lidar Data

TNRIS continues to actively acquire and maintain Lidar data for Texas. Currently over 25 terabytes of Lidar data reside in our inventory from years 2006 – 2016, with much more to come.

Lidar data is available in LAS file formats. Recent acquisitions will have additional data including Digital Elevation Model (DEM) formats and break line information. Download the tile index to view Lidar data available through the TNRIS website. Another helpful resource is the Lidar online status map which provides additional details about the Lidar collections.

Available Tools:

Lidar data for Texas is made available online using LASTools. LASTools is an open-source collection of tools for Lidar viewing and manipulation. TNRIS uses the LASzip portion of LASTools for compression\decompression of data. LASTools provides a lossless compression of the data from LAS to LAZ formats.

The following is a list of software with native LAZ support:

• ERDAS IMAGINE (14.1 and up) by Hexagon Geospatial

• Global Mapper (13.1 and up) by Blue Marble Geo

• ENVI LiDAR (5.1 and up) by Exelis VIS

• FME (2012 and up) by Safe Software

• LAStools by rapidlasso

• 3D Web Viewer by Hobu Inc.

• FUSION (3.40 and up) by Bob McGaughey of the USDA

• Voyager (1.3 and up) by Voyager GIS

• GRASS GIS (7.0 and up) by Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)

Please visit the [DataHub( for information regarding all TNRIS data products.

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