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Custom Maps

From customized contour maps to historical imagery posters of your hometown, we can make the map you’re looking for.

The trained cartographers and data specialists in the TNRIS Research & Distribution Center can create a custom map to meet your needs.

Custom mapping products include:

  • Contour maps
  • County-wide maps
  • Historical imagery prints
  • Recent aerial imagery prints

We have high-quality printing capabilities and can handle sizes between 24”–54” wide with any length.

Just fill out our order form to start a custom map order. List all available datasets you would like to include in your map then TNRIS Staff will contact you with a quote. You can also send us your own geospatial data to add to any custom map we are creating for you.

Important Note: Coverage area on all maps must be within Texas and show data from the TNRIS archive..

Examples of Previous Work

Fishing Map

Custom Fishing produced by RDC

This map combines Bathymetry, Fish Attractors, Orthoimagery and Transportation datasets for Lake Buchanan.

Ranch Map

Custom Ranch produced by RDC

This ranch map includes data from the Original Texas Land Survey, National Hydrography Dataset, StratMap Hypsography, County Boundaries, Transportation and Elevation Contours.

Custom County Maps

Custom County produced by RDC

The Custom County Map series was developed in-house by TNRIS Cartographers and provides an individual map for all 254 counties. These maps can serve as basic reference maps and base maps. Galveston County is shown above.

Fly Ash Producers

Fly Ash Map Producer Custom map by RDC

This map shows the locations of Class F and Class C Fly Ash producing plants in the state of Texas. Fly Ash is a biproduct of coal-fired power plants commonly used to improve the durability of concrete for road construction purposes.

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