Advanced ArcGIS Programming with Python

August 19, 2019 | 8:30 - 4:30
Taught by:
GIS Training Services
Advanced ArcGIS Programming with Python is an intermediate/advanced level programming course for ArcGIS Desktop.
ArcGIS Desktop is the leading desktop solution for GIS analysis and mapping. The ArcPy site package, which contains the ArcPy Mapping and Data Access modules, enables Python programmers to access all the GIS functionality provided through ArcGIS Desktop. ArcPy can be integrated with other open source Python libraries to enhance GUI development, create stunning reports, charts, and graphs, access REST web services, perform statistical analysis, and more. This course will teach you how to take your ArcGIS Desktop application development skills to the next level by integrating the functionality provided by ArcPy with open source Python libraries to create advanced ArcGIS Desktop applications. This course begins by providing detailed descriptions and examples of how to create ArcGIS Desktop Python toolboxes that will serve as containers for many of the applications that you will build. You’ll then learn how to build tools that can access data from ArcGIS Server using the ArcGIS REST API, integrate additional open source Python libraries into your applications for charting and graphing, advanced GUI development, reading and writing json, csv, and xml format data sources, writing output to Google Earth Pro and more. Along the way, you’ll also learn advanced ArcPy Mapping and ArcPy Data Access module techniques, use Data Driven Pages to automate the creation of map books, access services provided by ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online, and much more. Later modules will teach you some advanced techniques for working with video, social media feeds, and integrating GIS data with Esri Story Maps and ArcGIS Online.

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