TNRIS is now TxGIO!

Providing the Highest Level of Geographic Data Services to the People of Texas

Texas GIS Forum

The GIS Forum is the premiere event in Texas offering the network and power of nationally recognized experts in the geospatial field.

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We are excited to announce the 88th Texas Legislature passed a bill to officially rename the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) to the Texas Geographic Information Office (TxGIO).

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Research & Distribution

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Let our hands-on team of data Specialists assist you with physical map products and other datasets, many unavailable online.

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Texas Geographic Information Office

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GIS Education

TNRIS is dedicated to advancing the technical skills of professionals whose work revolves around geographic mapping. Rapidly evolving technology necessitates that GIS professionals expand their knowledge to stay current with traditional software updates as well as alternative mapping methods to support business operations and policy decisions.

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