Request a Unique Texas Imagery Service Link for Your Organization

Organizational Usage Agreement, Texas Imagery Service License

The following agreement is required for all qualifying organizations to participate in the Texas Imagery Service. Qualifying organizations, limited to the state of Texas, include the following:

  • State Agencies, Departments, or Divisions
  • State Universities
  • River Authorities
  • County Governments
  • City Governments
  • Appraisal Districts
  • Tribal Governments

Participants are required to submit this agreement in order to obtain a link to the Texas Imagery Service. The agreement should be completed by a designated primary contact (GIS manager, CAD lead, mapping apps project manager, etc).

Email contact information collected will only be used to provide updates regarding the imagery terms of service, changes to imagery content, or notices regarding the imagery web services.

PART 1: Organization and Primary Contact

* Indicates required

Are you requesting access on behalf of a contractor currently under contract with your agency? *

We require some additional information about the project and partnership for contractors that are requesting access to the imagery.

PART 2: Informational Items and Terms of Service (Required)

Check each box to indicate acknowledgement and agreement to the informational items and terms of service.

Imagery web services are provided as a 'best effort'; level service; there is no implied or explicit high availability service-level agreement for the imagery web services.

The organization-specific web service URL or other credentials for accessing the imagery as a service may not to be distributed outside of your organization. Usage statistics will be kept to inform the acquisition of future imagery updates and to support sustained funding for the license. *

Stated horizontal positional accuracy of the imagery is expected to achieve or exceed 1.07 meter (CE90) in most areas without significant vertical relief. Higher precision is expected in urban areas, where existing supplemental ground control was more abundant

A datum transformation may be required to achieve the highest level of positional accuracy, especially when reprojecting imagery between NAD27, NAD83, and WGS84-based datums *

Contractors or formal partners performing work on behalf of a licensee must apply separately for access to the imagery service if it is to be used outside the immediate licensee's physical facilities or network. The licensee must make the request through this form.

Imagery files may not be resold, leased, rented or redistributed outside of your immediate organization or used for projects not identified to and approved by TxGIO. Providing mass downloads of any imagery files or derivative works containing the imagery is not permitted

PART 3. Acknowledgement (Required)

On behalf of my organization, I have checked the appropriate boxes to indicate acknowledgement and agreement to the informational items and terms of service, as listed above, pertaining to usage of the State of Texas’ license to the Texas Imagery Service products and services. Furthermore, by signing this document, my organization commits to communicating the content of this agreement to all of its end users of the imagery service.